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Our Industrial department provides Industrial Leasing and Tenant Representation services to a wide range of international, regional and local clients. Our team is young, dynamic and prides itself in delivering a top class and professional service.

Industrial Leasing

Our Industrial Leasing team advises owners, developers and investors looking to lease new or existing warehouses, light industrial buildings and small business units. Our team will work with you from the outset to understand your real estate needs and understand the property to be lesed. Our tailor-made plan will consider the building, the budget and the market. Our goal is to deliver the most optimal lease terms to the best available covenants and all within an agreed timeframe and budget.

Inspecting the industrial premises, plans and specification as well as carrying out market research on competing building, recent deals and quoting terms.

Preparing a report outlining the client’s overall strategy, the findings from our preliminary assessment, the target market and a strategy to promote the space and secure leasing deals.

Implementing a marketing strategy that may include, a brochure, property particulars, mailing, cold calling, a website, on-line advertising, a marketing board and press releases.

Meeting land owners and developers, preparing Request For Proposals, obtaining offers, comparing the offers against the agreed standard and comparing each offer on using a NPV financial appraisal.

Liaising with lawyers, meeting with the tenant’s legal counsel and negotiating a lease contract that meets the requirements of the landlord and maximises the future value of the investment.

Tenant Representation

Our Tenant Representation team advises major international, regional and local occupiers looking to either extend or renegotiate their lease, acquire new premises or sublease their existing property. Our experienced team of professionals is recognised across the market for its wide knowledge of the market, its approach to finding and selecting options, for its in-depth financial analysis and skill in negotiating attractive terms on behalf of the tenant.

Meeting with you to thoroughly understand your needs and to blueprint the financial limitations and non-financial targets in order that we may benchmark your ideal property.

Preparing a fully comprehensive report on all potential options that will include a building photo (or artist’s impression), location plans, description, pricing and suitability against the blueprint.

Arranging and accompanying you on a tour of the most suitable options, advising you throughout the process and helping to answer questions about each property.

Meeting tenants, carrying out viewings, making presentations, creating proposals and negotiating the heads of terms in conjunction with the tenants and their advisors.

Meeting the tenant to understand their needs, instructing an architect or space planner to create a 2-D and then 3-D interior designs and preparing working drawings and cost analysis.

Liaising with lawyers, meeting with the tenant’s legal counsel and negotiating a lease contract that meets the requirements of the landlord and maximises the future value of the investment.

Land Agency

Our Land team advises private owners and companies on the acquisition and sale of small and large land plots located around the country, mostly suitable for industrial; but also for office, retail, leisure and residential uses. Our team is also highly experience in site assembly; in dealing with small local land owners, large corporations, the local municipality as well as the road and rail authorities. We assit with utility agreements and zoning plan changes and disputes.

Meeting with you to thoroughly understand your needs and to understand your real esate strategy in ters of whether you are looking to acquire or dispose of land.

Where a client is looking to dispose of their land, inspecting the property, reviewing all the appropriate documentation and advising on the best method of disposal as well as our recommended selling price.

Where a client is looking to acquire a site, reviewing all relevant documentation, its suitability for use, its planning and zoning status and its access to utilities, as well as its access, its title and comparable land values.

Meeting with and negotiating with local owners, arranging for a common representative, negotiating a single land acquisition price, researching the status of planning, utilities, acess, title and comparable land values.

Coordinating with lawyers, agreeing acquisition price, preparing Preliminary Purchase Agreement, arranging Escrow account where appropriate and arranging for signature and implementation of any conditions precedent.

Arranging legal, financial, highways, planning, commercial and environment due diligence. The acquiring party may wish to drill bore holes to check for contamination. Resolving issues with neighbours, with lawyers and at the land and mortgage register.

Liaising with lawyers, meeting with the seller’s and purchaser’s legal counsel to prepare and sign a Final Purchase Agreement after fulfilment of all conditions precedent.

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